Parthenogenesis in the Arts? It can’t be. And the same applies for Architecture. Because Architecture is art. A very complex and multi form one. Design, functionally, engineering, vision and so on. In my last visit at  The Met, at the section of Modern art, I saw a lamp, that was design and fabricated in 1928 by Walter von Nessen. The base is really a very interesting piece, very modern even for today and I am sure that it could beautifully fit in very many leaving rooms in very many apartments. However, the more I was looking at it I had the feeling that the design looks really common to me. It was the design if something that I regularly see in my life.

And then I realized that it was exactly the design of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The more I was looking at this lamp I was more and more sure about it. The description was saying that “the base references the jagged edges of New York Cityscape”.

But almost 80 years later this design is there in one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world.

It can’t be a coincidence! It is not Parthenogenesis!

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