Thoughts wrapped around a sarong

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We have just arrived at Denpasar coming from Singapore. Our first time at the magic world of Bali. We are taking the first deep breaths trying to relax and enjoy our vacation after a crazy stressful business trip in Singapore. Which by the way, it went super good! We are in our mini van heading to the resort in Ubud without a clear view of what to expect. The flight with Air Asia was good, the plane was packed, the queue for the visa one of the longest ever encountered but our spirit was really high. Gradually the traffic in Denpasar is getting worse and worse, the roads are full, the moppets are everywhere, there is almost no way out of the city, it is getting dark, we are getting tired and impatient and the driver frustrated. It’s a local religious celebration, the driver is saying something about a Hindu kind of celebration but we don’t really get it.
And then, I saw this old man with his sarong

, sitting at the edge of the road, so calm and collected that suddenly changed the entire perspective. This trip to Bali suddenly had a different meaning. Actually it was the moment that I suddenly relaxed and I started enjoying. Enjoying the indescribable beauty of Bali, of the landscape, of the people and their lifestyle. And now Bali is my “happy place”. Enjoy!!

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