Did you ever have the chance to walk at the small streets of Plaka in Athens? Have you noticed the magnificent buildings? It one of the most beautiful walks at the downtown Athens, under the remaining of the famous Acropolis!IMG_50359GHtK6wkSEKaUxHN57sdjQSzJporhCTMOrc7%ICYRDYAJtq2Kbp2Q9Kuv1fPsEsvag%qd4NBBMRJqEiW7nQd94RQantkwIA1Sd2PzROO7fzvZgJlwxNTouRHyPAK9WCx6yMQvFYBHSmdRWCWl1fbf9NAyAoogOLGjkQKmvkNrwXIQvPwslJbBtgVStCtxwxsuVxetw

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