An Amazing terrace in the heart of Athens

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Leaving in your city like a tourist. Visiting Athens, every now and then and enjoying all it beauties.

We visited Herodion Hotel in the heart of Athens, under the Acropolis of Athens and we were positively surprised with the great ambience and warm design.

We went at the roof garden at “POINT a” bar restaurant. The store design is modern and welcoming. The view is breathtaking. From the one side the Acropolis and on the other side the Acropolis museum.

The view from the bar
The ambience
The view of Acropolis
The view of Acropolis Museum


The service was amazing, very warm and welcoming, the cocktails prepared with care, the food exceptional. The menu is short but covers all needs. The plates are Greek ideas with great modern twists, presented in a impressive and original way.

From the starters, the “LOUKOUMADES” are out of this world, and the Myconian salad with guacamole was really tasty.

Myconian Salad


The straters

From the main, the Fresh Pasta with Chilly Shrimps was so original (not spicy!) and tasty and the Pork Rolled in Aegina pistachio crust was delicious.
At the end, the Churros (with a great twist) was an amazing surprise.

The Pasta
The Pork

Amazing experience by all means. Enjoy


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