Trèsind is a very interesting Indian restaurant in Kuwait, located in a small alley next to The Palms Hotel, by the beach. I guess, during the day (for lunch) the view might be nice but for dinner we couldn’t see anything.

One if the most exciting things about this restaurant is how spacious it is. The distance between the tables is really dig fact that for me is a big plus. In any case, the night we went the restaurant was not busy, maybe because it is a respectively expensive restaurant. The service is much above the average and has nothing to do with the standard in Kuwait.


The menu is not super extended which is very posivite sign for me.  The presentation of the food includes a lot of “theatrics” which is a must in this business. All the treats that they brought at the beginning in a small lightened house display were very tasty.

The treats in the lightened house display


Additionally, the food was really tasty and well cooked.

The lamp chops


The black dal ware really mouthwatering, and the lamp chops with the rosemary potatoes super tasty.

The black dal

The sorbet they brought before the main dishes I believe is one of the best desserts ever had!!!!

the sorbet (to die for!!)

By the way, the butter chicken was prepared fresh in front of us in a small cart by one of the chefs.

The preparation of the butter chicken


We didn’t order any desserts (we were super full), but at the end they brought us a treat cotton candy skewers presented in an original way. Overall, it was a great experience.

The cotton candy

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